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New Fifty Shades Trailer Is Coming Tonight!

Later today, the Second Trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey will hit the internet. You can watch it via this livestream link and check below for your Time Zone. We will be sure to add HD Screencaps ASAP too!

– 8.10pm: Mexico, Ecuador.
– 9.40pm: Venezuela.
– 9.10pm: Canada (Ottawa), USA (NYC), Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Colombia.
– 12.10am: Brazil, Argentina (Buenos Aires).
– 2.10am: England, Ireland.
– 3.10am : France, Spain, Germany, SA, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia.
– 4.10am: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Bulgaria, Israël.
– 5.10am: Russia (Moscou), United Arab Emirates.
– 7.10am: Pakistan.
– 7.40am: India.
– 9.10am: Indonesia, Thailand.
– 10.10am: Philipines, Singapore, China (Honk Kong).
– 11.10am: Japan.
– 1.10pm: Australia (Melbourne).

Today is Trailer Day !

Todayis a big day to all Fifty Shades Fans, its Trailer day! After months of waiting, its finally there. The trailer will be aired during the Today Show and Im going to shre the Stream Link and Time Zone for the fans who are not in the US.


The trailer will not be showed entirely during the Show but after they showed the Preview it will be available on Today.com. Savannah Guthrie will interview the stars of the movies, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. For July 25, Natalie Morales will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the movie set, where shell talk with cast members as well as the best-selling trilogys author, E.L. James on location.


– 6AM to 8AM: Mexico, China (Honk Kong), Ecuador.
– 6.30AM to 8.30AM: Venezuela.
– 7AM to 9AM: Canada (Ottawa), USA (NYC), Dominican Republic, Paraguay.
– 8AM to 10AM: Brazil, Argentina (Bueno Aires).
– 12PM to 2PM: England, Irland.
– 1PM to 3PM : France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Danemark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia.
– 2PM to 4PM: Turkey, Saudi Arabia.
– 3PM to 5PM: Russia (Moscou), United Arab Emirates.
– 4Pm to 6PM: Pakistan.
– 4.30PM to 6.30PM: India.
– 6PM to 8PM: Indonesia, Thailand.
– 7PM to 9PM: Phillipines, Singapore.
– 8PM to 10PM: Japan.
– 9PM to 11PM: Australia (Sydney).