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New Stills of Dakota Johnson on her movie ‘How to Be Single’



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Anarchy (Cymbeline) Stills

We have added x04 new stills for Anarchy, which is due for release 13 March 2015.

Venice Review of Cymbeline + New Photos

We have a new image of Dakota in Cymbeline, and screen capped the trailer too.

A hamfisted attempt to inject “relevance” into one of Shakespeares more unfashionable plays, Michael Almereydas Cymbeline works best as a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of of believing that everything written by The Bard is timeless. Laboring under the misconception that the problem with the play as written was the singular lack of Apple products, (Prithee, hie and away to an iPhone that we may snapchat till the morrow, good sir) and not the awkward, coincidence-laden plot nor the jawdroppingly regressive gender politics, both of which remain mystifyingly intact, Almereyda makes only the most cosmetic of changes. Language (admittedly streamlined), storyline, character and even place names remain, only the clothes, cars and gadgets differ. Still, a lot of name actors get to thesp about with “thous” and “wherefores,” and some even do it rather well.

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Date and Switch Screencaps

We have added x417 screencaps ofDakota as Em in Date and Switch which was released earlier this year …

Need for Speed Promotional Stills

We have added x07 promotional stills from Need for Speed (2014) to the gallery …

Date and Switch Trailer

We are pleased to share the new trailer for “Date and Switch” starring Dakota. Which is out February 14th. A new poster, still and screencaps have also been added to the gallery! Enjoy.