Glamour Spain: March 2012

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We met Dakota Johnson in West Hollywood at the Chateau Marmont, the trendy hotel for the stars. Dakota is part of the aristocracy in the film industry. She is the granddaughter of a legend in big screen Tippi HedrEn, (Hitchcock) and mother Melanie Griffith (Working Girl). Dakota exudes glamour, and is as beautiful as her family genes would expect, but confesses though that does not feel as young as she looks. Dakota Johnson, 23 talks Hollywood in this exclusive interview about work and life.

So, you live in LA. ?
Well, I do not consider myself a girl L.A. When I think of them , what comes to mind are women who perhaps are not very smart : they like to smoke and talk about how many pairs of shoes they have, but in Colorado its not like this. That’s where I grew up, thats where I went to school. So I don;t consider myself an LA girl.

You enjoy comedy acting?
I never thought I could play comedy until I did the film Five Year Engagement. It was so much fun, I loved it. Since then . I have been offered many characters in comedy : now, I ‘m funny in the eyes of producers and directors!

What kind of roles are you looking for now?
I’m not looking for anything specific cipo cn any gender . I’m attracted to characters & rue – strong children . different … But I do not care if they belong to comedy or drama. What I want is to work , to provide opportunities mc . ¿

What is your next project?
I will make a film for you called Need for Speed, but I can not reveal too much yet. It is a story about car racing.

What have you learned from Ben & Kate, the TV series that you’ve starred in?
Very much ! Despite the cancellation it has been a phenomenal experience because it forces you to approach your Mate -ros . And hc spent so much time with cl Perso- Naje I’ve come to know it well . It has also allowed me to work all day doing something that really excites me.

Do you care what others think of you?
I do not care . Sometimes it’s hard because I live in a very judgmental industry. When it comes to my profession, my interpretation is; the only things that matters is what you think of yourself.

What do you enjoy doing in life?
I love Spanish food, architecture , music … I miss all that. I think I speak some Spanish , right? I understand perfectly ; However I would not say that I speak so well …

Would you like to shoot in Spain with a director of our country?
Only when my Spanish is completely fluent. It is a beautiful language that I want to talk. My plan right now is to learn more.

Your family is Hollywood aristocracy, does that put pressure on your career ?
It’s a double-edged sword . On one hand , I open doors ; on the other , it is expected more of me. I feel I have to prove I’m better than everyone . Thanks to my family , I have had more opportunities, but once that happens I have to get them to take me seriously .

Would you change your life?
I love my life ! I have experienced difficult times, but right now, its wonderful . I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people thanks to my parents ; however, that does not mean that I will be accepted everywhere.

Have studied the performances of your mother and grandmother in their movies. Is your acting similar to them?
No, I have my own style, and that’s what makes us all unique . Nor do I believe that my mother and grandmother share a way of acting. I have seen all their films and they are always great.