Dakota Johnson for AnOther Magazine A/W 15

Quotes of Dakota:

“I feel like I grew up in the circus. I know planes, trains and automobiles. And really talented, weird people” – Dakota Johnson

“I wanted to make Penelope almost a complete sociopath. She meddles in people’s lives because she thinks it’s fun” – Dakota Johnson

“My house in LA was really old and there was a vault with a giant door, filled with movies in alphabetical order, shelves and shelves of them – and then a little section of home movies that are very, very special” – Dakota Johnson

“I was more interested in spray painting things and hanging out with my friends than I was in school” – Dakota Johnson

“A film set is the most comfortable place I could be in the world, that’s what I know. I always thought this is what I would end up doing. I just had to wait until it was my turn” – Dakota Johnson

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