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The Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/2015 Metiers d’Art Collection in New York City

Dakota leaving her hotel and is heading to the Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/2015 Metiers d’Art Collection held at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City

Arriving at the Chanel Show

Inside the Chanel Show

Leaving the Chanel Show

Gallery Links:

Leaving her Hotel ; Arriving at Chanel Show ; Inside the Chanel Show ; Leaving the Chanel Show

Dakota walking with her Dog Zeppelin

Dakota was spotted walking with her dog in Tribeca, New York City

Attending the Chanel Yacht Party at Chelsea Pier on March 30

Candids of Dakota leaving her hotel in Tribeca, New York City and is  heading to the Chanel Yacht Party

Inside the Chanel Yacht Party held at Chelsea Pier in New York

Leaving the Chanel Party with Cara Delevingne

Gallery Links:

March 30th – Leaving her hotel ; Chanel yacht party at Chelsea Pier in New york ; Leaving the Chanel yacht party

Airport Candids

We’re so sorry we haven’t updated for like two weeks. Here are the candids of Dakota last March 28th.

Departing from LAX:

Arriving at JFK airport:

Gallery links:

Departing from LAX ; Arriving at JFK

Dakota Johnson was spotted at JFK International Airport

We’ve added 37 candid pictures of Dakota at JFK International Airport in New York City yesterday, March 14th 2015.


Gallery Link: Candids- 2015 JFK International Airport

Cymbeline Movie Updates

We’ve added Posters, Promotional Photoshoots and Stills on the gallery.


Gallery Links: Anarchy (aka Cymbeline)

Watch the trailers here:


Personal Pictures Addition

We’ve added lots of Personal Pictures to the Gallery. Some pictures were taken from the previous year and some are from the present. We sought and organize it according to year.





Random Pictures:

Gallery Link: Personal Pictures

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