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Dakota on the set for her movie Cymbeline

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Anarchy (aka Cymbeline) HD Screencaps

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Cymbeline Movie Updates

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Anarchy (Cymbeline) Stills

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New ‘Anarchy’ Trailer + Screencaps

If you watched Sons of Anarchy but sometimes thought, “Not enough Shakespeare,” then you’re in luck. Anarchy, the recently retitled film that was Cymbeline when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September, is a modern-day take on the Bard’s play about jealousy, love, and betrayal in the titular British king’s court.

In the film, Ed Harris plays the king of a drug-dealing biker gang, and his daughter’s unsanctioned romance with one of his top soldiers sets off the powder-keg that leads to tragedy. Dakota Johnson and Penn Badgley play the young couple, Imogen and Posthumus, and Ethan Hawke—who’s updated Shakespeare before, with 2000’s Hamlet—plays Iachimo, the treacherous cad who bets Posthumus that he can seduce Imogen.

Written and directed by Michael Almereyda (Hamlet), Anarchy opens in theaters and VOD on March 13. Watch the Trailer Here.

Venice Review of Cymbeline + New Photos

We have a new image of Dakota in Cymbeline, and screen capped the trailer too.

A hamfisted attempt to inject “relevance” into one of Shakespeares more unfashionable plays, Michael Almereydas Cymbeline works best as a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of of believing that everything written by The Bard is timeless. Laboring under the misconception that the problem with the play as written was the singular lack of Apple products, (Prithee, hie and away to an iPhone that we may snapchat till the morrow, good sir) and not the awkward, coincidence-laden plot nor the jawdroppingly regressive gender politics, both of which remain mystifyingly intact, Almereyda makes only the most cosmetic of changes. Language (admittedly streamlined), storyline, character and even place names remain, only the clothes, cars and gadgets differ. Still, a lot of name actors get to thesp about with “thous” and “wherefores,” and some even do it rather well.

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Cinedea Acquires Italian Rights to Cymbeline

Cinedea, a distributor-producer-talent agency, has acquired Italian rights to Michael Almereydas romantic adventure Cymbeline, starring Dakota Johnson, Ethan Hawke, Penn Badgley, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich and Anton Yelchin.

Repped by International Film Trust, the international sales arm of Michael Benaroyas Benaroya Pictures, Cymbeline world premieres Wednesday at Venice. The Italy deal adds to multiple major territories, including the U.K.s Koch Media, Germanys KSM, Swen Group (Latin America), Nashe Kino (CIS), Happinet (Japan), Transmission Films (Australia/New Zealand), HGC Entertainment (China) and Sookie Pictures (South Korea).

This version of Cymbeline one of Shakespeares least-known plays is set against an epic face-off between corrupt cops and a drug-dealing bikers gang in a corruption-sodden U.S. city. Pic reteams Hawke and Almereyda after 2000s Hamlet.

It is a remarkable Shakespeare adventure, an extraordinary text. Ethan Hawke was the first person to join on; he recognized the challenge and drew delight from it, said Almereyda. Cymbeline has wildness, energy, extremes of emotion thats what drew me and the actors. There are echoes of many of Shakespeares great plays, though its officially classified as a romance, not a tragedy. It has streaks of comedy.

Movie centers on a young love story, its emotional drama, and a sense of misdirected love and betrayal. We did our best to keep the story intimate, but its often played out in unexpected settings, alternately mundane and spectacular, Almereyda added.

Anthony Katagas produced Cymbeline for Keep Your Head Prods., alongside Benaroya.

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